Thursday, January 17, 2008

real ambience

nante koto

These are some real gems here. Ambient field recordings and also just straight field recordings of various animals and wildlife. The purring of a cheetah is just fantastic as is the death watch beetle clicking. Real surprised with this. The standout is the recording of the ocean in the second download that was made with mics floating in the water. Two short tracks that you can keep on repeat for HOURS and not get tired of. I love this stuff. Be sure to purchase these if you like them...PLEASE.

Chris Watson - Oceanus Pacificus


Also I got this from this fantastic blog, Deleted Scenes, Forgotten Dreams
so go over, patronize those guys, they got a real nice ambient blog going there. I've picked up some real good stuff over there so check it out.


Anonymous said...

At least you show the courtesy of posting a link to buy the music.

The blog you got this from, Deleted Scenes, doesn't do that. They also don't respect the wishes of artists asking for their in-print work to be removed from the blog. Don't be like that. It's a real drain on the "scene" and just plain disrespectful to the people making the music.

downgrade said...

yeahhh i noticed

all the same ive been introduced to a lot of good stuff there

Zer0_II said...

I’ve added your blog the Eclectic category of the Digital Meltd0wn Music Blogroll as requested. It’s not necessary, but if you would like to link back I would appreciate it.

Annie Body said...

Thank you! I like to listen to field recordings whilst studying school stuff. :D

Jenny B. said...

you write a blog!! cool. just saw it while making a rare appearance on im. do you have gmail? the only place i ever really chat these days, while checking mail. i will come back here later and actually read some, but just a superficial comment, ambient album imagery is always so beautiful, isn't it? hope all's well with you..(jenny)

downgrade said...

yes, is my address

Theena said...


I am looking for Mr Watson's other work, Weather Report I believe it is called. Is it possible to upload it? I've been wanting a sample before purchasing.