Saturday, April 12, 2008


If you haven't heard Fela Kuti this is a great place to start. If you have then you probably already have this. POINT BEING you should listen either way. Fuck you, Rage Against the Machine.

Fela Kuti - Expensive Shit/He Miss Road

mugwump sits naked...

Audio recording of Naked Lunch read by Burroughs himself. Very very abridged but still fantastic nonetheless. Music by...I haven't a fucking clue because I can't find any information on this anywhere. So easy to listen to, if it were the full text it'd probably be the greatest recording ever made.

William Burroughs - Naked Lunch Audio Book (Abridged)


So I haven't made a post in ages...

There's been duties and things I didn't have to do but wanted to do anyway.

I'll post some albums soon. If anyone wants anything reuploaded, just let me know.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

real ambience

nante koto

These are some real gems here. Ambient field recordings and also just straight field recordings of various animals and wildlife. The purring of a cheetah is just fantastic as is the death watch beetle clicking. Real surprised with this. The standout is the recording of the ocean in the second download that was made with mics floating in the water. Two short tracks that you can keep on repeat for HOURS and not get tired of. I love this stuff. Be sure to purchase these if you like them...PLEASE.

Chris Watson - Oceanus Pacificus


Also I got this from this fantastic blog, Deleted Scenes, Forgotten Dreams
so go over, patronize those guys, they got a real nice ambient blog going there. I've picked up some real good stuff over there so check it out.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

orgasm flow

you dont have to
rub it so hard

Contagious Orgasm - The Flow of Sound Without Parameter

This is a true electronic cinematic experience through sound. Hashimoto Hiroshi puts his sound sculptures together much more cohesively than Stephen Stapleton. The dada influence is still there, but it sounds like he's actually speaking a language rather than just spouting words. The experience is varied, but usually dark. Headphones with your eyes closed is the preferred method of listening here.



nante koto

Zoviet:France / Jim O'Rourke / The Hafler Trio - Unentitled

ZF's track is the gem here, and O'Rourke's the least satisfying. But that's how it usually goes for me. Don't get me wrong, I like O'Rourke's work, but I'm never absolutely stunned by anything he does. His hurdy gurdy stuff was nice...anyway, I digress. Some good abstract ambient here.


Lord Finesse - From the Crates to the Files

I chose this for the beat quality. I almost put up a Dr. Who Dat for the same purpose (maybe later) but I figured some good MC'in at the same time would do you all good too. This guy is a legend and a master in his own time. I'm not extremely versed in his discography but I love the beats on this one more than any of the others I've heard.


Tropa Macaca - Marfim

Syncopated lo-fi INDUSTRIAL, yes INDUSTRIAL from PORTUGAL, yes sunny PORTUGAL. Tropical industrial. Yes it happened. Ok so it's not entirely tropical, but I suppose it could euh, theoretically, euh technically, euh maybe maybe not be a little more danceable than say...oh...early TG. In any case I was really taken by this and it doesn't require much time to suck you and entrance you. Just get it and you'll see what I mean.


as promised...


If it can be called that...more like a check-in...or check out. In any case I don't have much. But thanks to our friend adgy I have some links for you.

Treasure trove of YBO2 + FJ + Gil ner Mujima + Other videos. I particularly enjoyed the video of the live body for the little kid.

Our friend also provided me with this link to a couple live mp3s from Gil ner..., FJ, and YBO2.

I'm currently in correspondence with them and I will report back when I have some real substantive euh....substance to provide and share.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

rusted papercut

mutilation beyond
Lustmord - Zoetrope

This is by far my favorite Lustmord outing. Utterly horrific and chilling, this album is actually a soundtrack to a film of the same name. It's not difficult to find clips from it, but honestly I think the album itself is the better experience. I see much more interesting and terrifying things than the visuals in the film.



Florence Vanida Faivre


I don't know much about her but I saw her in this Muay Thai flick with Dida Diafat and I was stunned and flabbergasted when she was on screen. Couldn't take my eyes off of her. Guess she's a model turned actress. Duhh budhhh duhhh duhh muhhh shuuu juhhh...

ok enough of that


salt the earth

good god what have we done to this earth?
Land:Fire - Physical, Mental, Psychological
part 1
part 2

Top notch dark ambient wizardry from the Herbst9 guys. If you listen closely on 'Gigantic Mushroom' you can hear a sample from the US version of The Ring. You know that creepy sound that plays when the video tape is being played? Yeahh....I remember being creeped out more by that than the visuals. Great record. Yeah yeah, its two parts and that's annoying. But don't worry, with mediafire you can download them both at the same time and not worry about getting download limits or anything. The second part is small anyway. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

dubbed down

i broke my hand
punching him
Distance - My Demons

Noisy dubstep, high quality, top caliber along with Pinch and Burial.

Friday, January 11, 2008

in the ground

my dog got
buried alive


Nicely done dubstep (I still only kind of get this genre, I'm guessing it refers to the rhythm). Laid back and well made. First listen I thought, 'Christ in heaven this is boring.' But, I warmed up to it pretty quickly. Someone once compared it to Massive Attack. At first I was kind of 'fuck outta heeerrre.' I kind of get it now. That was before I'd heard Self-Titled too. I say that because 'Prayer' on that record samples 'Teardrop'.



how can you fight
with no hands?

Tim Hecker - Atlas EP

Hecker does it again. Nice slightly noisy ambience. I haven't liked much of his stuff since Haunt Me, Haunt Me...but this hits the spot. I read some review where a guy was, get this, complaining...complaining about other reviewers NOT comparing Hecker to My Bloody Valentine. Absolutely fucking ridiculous. I think if I hear another MBV comparison to anything that has even the faintest semblance of a wash of harmonic noise then I'm going to shoot someone. Really I will. Fuck. Fuck off internet person. Fuck off and die.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

blood and tears

oh my god
is that my femur?

So while I was pretty distraught to see Gil Melendez, who is one of my favorite fighters, lose on New Years at Yarrenoka (thereby ending a much celebrated NO LOSS streak), at least it was to someone worth a damn. I could whine about the decision all day but it doesn't change the fact that he LOST. So if you don't know who it is he lost TO, here's an interview from Sherdog to get you introduced to the man that stopped the man on fire (though you don't get to meet the panel of judges that actually stopped the man on fire):

Ishida Looks to Get Back on Track

December 24, 2007
by Taro Kotani (

As we entered T-BLOOD, one of the top gyms in Japan, 29-year-old Mitsuhiro Ishida (Pictures) politely welcomed through the door by bowing. He appeared a little shy, but his words signified his determination and professionalism as a fighter.

In February 2006, Ishida was crowned the Shooto welterweight Pacific Rim champion. He then made a sensational debut at PRIDE Bushido, leading to four straight wins.

A knockout loss to Takanori Gomi (Pictures) on New Year's Eve 2006 stopped the ride. Since that loss Ishida has not stepped inside a ring or cage to compete. What seemed to be a bright future suddenly turned dark.

Yet Ishida has not given up.

In this interview, he shares his thoughts on the year that was as well as his upcoming fight against Gilbert Melendez (Pictures) at the Yarennoka! New Year's Eve event that is being supported by M-1 Global.

Sherdog: Against Takanori Gomi (Pictures) it looked like you were trying to land kicks to the body and look for a time to attack with a tackle. Was that your game plan?
Mitsuhiro Ishida (Pictures): Gomi can leap into motion instantaneously, and he has real hard body shots. So I wanted to use my kicks to his body to make him aware of different attacks and look for a good time for takedowns. But I was not planning to kick that many times though.

Sherdog: As you were trying to re-posture following a kick, Gomi countered with a left straight. It got you off balance, and Gomi finished the fight with an array of strikes on the ground. You said you do not have much memory after you got off balance?
Ishida: I did not remember anything as to what happened after he caught me off guard. Even after I was taken to the locker room, I could not quite remember what happened. As time went by, I started to get my memory back bit by bit.

Sherdog: The fight ended in such a short time. Do you regret that you did not try other moves earlier?
Ishida: Well, it does not really mean much to think about what I could have or should have done. What actually happened is what matters. I have to accept the loss.

Sherdog: Has your impression about Gomi changed after fighting him?
Ishida: No, not much. I knew he was a strong fighter and found out that he was a strong fighter.

Sherdog: Last year you won the Shooto Pacific Rim title in February and made your PRIDE Bushido debut in April. Even after that, you fought about every two months. Was it difficult to keep up your conditioning while fighting so often during the year?
Ishida: As far as my conditioning or injuries last year, I do not remember much. I have a tendency to forget what happened in the past. Especially last year -- the year went by so quickly I honestly do not remember much.

Sherdog: When you fought in PRIDE Bushido, you fought at 73 kilograms [161 pounds] instead of 70 kg [154 pounds], which you were used to fighting. You are physically one of the smaller fighters even among 70-kg fighters. Was it difficult to fight at 73 kg?
Ishida: Yes, it was difficult. Like you said, I do have a body smaller than a lot the 70-kg fighters. To go up against guys weighing 73 kg, I really felt that my size was a disadvantage.

Sherdog: Did you do any special training to fight at 73 kg?
Ishida: It is difficult to fight 73-kg fighters at 70 kg. So I always tried to come up with ways to bulk up and at the same time not lose my quickness. Now that I think about it, I did feel my body was heavy at 73 kg. I lost my stamina easily as well.

Sherdog: Following your knockout loss to Gomi, you had to return your Shooto belt because you were unable to defend it, and Shooto rules state that no competitor who has suffered a knockout loss 60 days prior can compete under its sanctioning.
Ishida: I was just so sorry for that. That is all I can say.

Sherdog: The previous Pacific Rim champion Kotestu Boku returned his belt due to injuries, and you returned the belt without defending it. Do you feel that you let down the fans and the Shooto promoter?
Ishida: After I won the title, Shooto promoters gave me the opportunity to fight in PRIDE Bushido. I planned to increase the value for the Pacific Rim championship belt by winning in Bushido and returning to Shooto to fight for my title defense. But the way I lost against Gomi and returning the belt without defending it, it is so disheartening. In a way, it was the worst possible scenario. It is a shame on my part. I still repent for what happened.

Sherdog: In March, PRIDE was bought out by the Fertittas and then before it was restarted, the office closed. What is your impression about what happened to PRIDE?
Ishida: To see PRIDE disappear, it was very tough to swallow.

Sherdog: In your case, you were supposed to fight in the PRIDE Lightweight Grand Prix. With the Fertittas' buyout of PRIDE, it seemed that you were going to gain more opportunities to fight. But it turned out that those opportunities were taken away. Did you panic in any way?
Ishida: It would be a lie if I said that I was not impatient. It was unsettling not being able to fight. I had my ups and downs mentally. But there was no way I could resolve the problem by myself. I also knew that I was not the only one suffering. Other fighters and staff members were going through difficult times as well. Had it been a problem concerning just myself, I probably would have been completely defeated.

Sherdog: The popularity of MMA seems to be growing at a very high rate in the United States. Have you thought of possibly fighting in the United States?
Ishida: If the Pride staff asked me to fight in the UFC after PRIDE was bought out, I would have fought in the States. I did work on my elbows so that I could fight wherever I was asked to. But once PRIDE was gone, I have not really thought about going to the States.

Sherdog: Is there anybody fighting in the Octagon you would like to fight against?
Ishida: Well, I cannot come up with particular names, but lightweights in the UFC look very tough with excellent wrestling skills. I have a wrestling background myself, so if I can utilize that and push my opponent against the cage, maybe I could have some success.

Sherdog: You probably had a lot of time for training this year. Were there certain aspects of your game that you tried to improve?
Ishida: Mainly my striking skills, but I tried to develop my overall MMA techniques.

Sherdog: You started training with Team Kurofune at the JB Sports boxing gym around September 2006. Top-class fighters such as your gym-mate Tatsuya Kawajiri (Pictures), Kenji Osawa (Pictures), Hiroyuki Takaya (Pictures) work out at the boxing gym. Do you feel that working out in that kind of environment has helped you enhance your skills?
Ishida: Yes, especially my striking skills. Now I can really think and strike in a strategic way. But I have to be able to do that in fights, not just during training sessions. Until then, I cannot quite say that I have improved.

Sherdog: Along with fine training partners at Team Kurofune, the trainer Takeshi Yamada sounds like he is an excellent coach.
Ishida: Yes. He is an amazing person. He is knowledgeable about every aspect of fighting. He trains with us and he is a strong fighter himself. He comes up with excellent strategies for us. When I used to work out at TOPS, we did not really have a coach. We thought of different ways to train among ourselves. So compared to those times, I am really extravagant and blessed.

Sherdog: Team Kurofune workouts seem very hard. How are your workouts at Kurofune?
Ishida: We do a lot of running, strength and conditioning stuff at the beginning of training. Then we get into boxing and kickboxing. Working with heavy bags, mitts and sparring.

Sherdog: Have you been able to add a lot to your repertoire?
Ishida: I have gained a lot of confidence in my striking. But like I said, the bottom line comes down to whether I can do it in fights. Until then I cannot say that my game has improved.

Sherdog: Your gym-mate Kawajiri was born in the same year, fights in the same weight class and has fought in the same organizations. Similar to your case, he did not have a fight this year. How has his presence impacted you?
Ishida: He has really influenced me in a positive way. This year, even though he did not have any fights, he was training as hard as anybody. He never tells me that I have to train, but he shows by actions that I have to train hard. I have had some times when I could not get my mind into training this year, but his presence allowed me to stay focused.

Sherdog: How long have you been working out with Kawajiri?
Ishida: About seven years.

Sherdog: You have a wrestling background, but how did you get into MMA?
Ishida: I wanted to be a pro wrestler at first and worked out at the Takada Dojo, but I changed my mind and I got into MMA.

Sherdog: You have a fight finally scheduled on New Year's Eve at Yarennoka! What was your reaction when you first heard about the fight?
Ishida: I was like, "Finally." I was happy and relieved.

Sherdog: This event is organized by the old PRIDE staff members. Does this make it special?
Ishida: I am just happy that I waited this long. I do not know much regarding the business side of organizing these events, but I know that it is difficult and requires a lot of time and dedication. I just want to say thank you to those staff members who worked hard for this show.

Sherdog: Did you think about fighting in another organization during the year?
Ishida: Not really. I had the first round of the PRIDE Lightweight Grand Prix scheduled for May and then it was postponed to July. I had that delay and I had made up my mind to wait, so I did not really think about going elsewhere to fight. I do not have any reasons, but I had a sense that things would work out. That is why I had myself waiting.

Sherdog: What did PRIDE mean to you?
Ishida: It was the best ring in the whole world for me. I admired PRIDE and had always imagined myself fighting in PRIDE. I had guys who I was close with, such as Kawajiri and Ryuta Sakurai (Pictures), have success in PRIDE Bushido. So I wanted to follow them as well.

Sherdog: What do you think of the coalition of former PRIDE staff and the K-1 organization as well as other smaller organizations in Japan?
Ishida: I think it is good. If this relationship continues, there will be lots of interesting fights for the fans.

Sherdog: Were you able to keep up your motivation throughout the year under so much uncertainty?
Ishida: I had times when I could not get my mind into training. But when I am down on myself, I had Yamada work me really hard at the boxing gym. It was hard, but I felt that I needed to respond properly to the challenges that he provided me with. Also I had other professional fighters around me who had fights scheduled. Those guys were training intensely, so I put myself in the same positions as they were, trying to gain momentum from them as well.

Sherdog: Your opponent will be Gilbert Melendez (Pictures). Do you think that you can bring out what you gained from training this year?
Ishida: He is a tough opponent. I want to go at him really hard. Having lost the way I did on last year's New Year's Eve, I was not expecting that I would be able to fight such a fine fighter like Melendez. It was a little surprising. But all in all, I appreciate the opportunity and bring it all out in the fight.

Sherdog: How do you expect the fight to go?
Ishida: The longer the fight gets, the uglier it will be. Whoever loses his concentration will be the one going down.

Sherdog: Melendez defeated Kawajiri a year ago. Have you talked to him for advice?
Ishida: No, not much. I asked him how his fight with Melendez was and that is about it. He did not specifically tell me certain things that I should do. Plus it is not a revenge match for Kawajiri. I do not think that he wants me to feel that way either. He is probably hoping that I would win as a comrade. I do not want to get caught up in that regard.

Sherdog: Final thoughts going into your fight on New Year's Eve?
Ishida: This is my first fight in a while, but I want to fight my heart out.

The more I watch this fight the more convinced I become that Melendez was robbed. Though Ishida got loads and loads of takedowns he was NOT IN CONTROL of Melendez after those takedowns. He was simply holding him off, avoiding the damage. Even when he would take Melendez's back he had nothing. Lots of fighters have discovered that taking Gil's back is not the best of ideas. Melendez set the pace with his attacks. Ishida was trying very hard NOT TO FIGHT. I understand that takedowns = points, but you shouldn't be in the ring if you're not there to fight. No one wants to see matches like that. Garbage.

he's back

alan is a
cowboy killer

Falco and Jack from McLusky's new band. Pretty similar in sound, and just as great. So if you were bummed when they broke up, your ship has come in.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

hooked for life

im so sorry


Methadrone is a nice, aptly-named, octave distortion-fest. Put it on and blast off. Or sink into your hole, whichever you prefer.

Methadrone - Erroeneous Enlightenment EP

Methadrone - Retrogression

Methadrone / Nadja - Absorption

enochian knockout

time to eat shit
time to die

The Angelic Process - Coma Waering

More sonic hurricanes from the duo. Kind of surprised they were never bigger with the Neurosis/Isis crowd.

and now a short literary interlude

The Second Bakery Attack
By Haruki Murakami
Translated by Jay Rubin

I'm still not sure I made the right choice when I told my wife about the bakery attack. But then, it might not have been a question of right and wrong. Which is to say that wrong choices can produce right results, and vice versa. I myself have adopted the position that, in fact, we never choose anything at all. Things happen. Or not.

If you look at it this way, it just so happens that I told my wife about the bakery attack. I hadn't been planning to bring it up--I had forgotten all about it--but it wasn't one of those now-that-you-mention-it kind of things, either.

What reminded me of the bakery attack was an unbearable hunger. It hit just before two o'clock in the morning. We had eaten a light supper at six, crawled into bed at nine-thirty, and gone to sleep. For some reason, we woke up at exactly the same moment. A few minutes later, the pangs struck with the force of the tornado in The Wizard of Oz. These were tremendous, overpowering hunger pangs.

Our refrigerator contained not a single item that could be technically categorized as food. We had a bottle of French dressing, six cans of beer, two shriveled onions, a stick of butter, and a box of refrigerator deodorizer. With only two weeks of married life behind us, we had yet to establish a precise conjugal understanding with regard to the rules of dietary behavior. Let alone anything else.
I had a job in a law firm at the time, and she was doing secretarial work at a design school. I was either twenty-eight or twenty-nine--why can't I remember the exact year we married?--and she was two years and eight months younger. Groceries were the last things on our minds.

We both felt too hungry to go back to sleep, but it hurt just to lie there. On the other hand, we were also too hungry to do anything useful. We got out of bed and drifted into the kitchen, ending up across the table from each other. What could have caused such violent hunger pangs?

We took turns opening the refrigerator door and hoping, but no matter how many times we looked inside, the contents never changed. Beer and onions and butter and dressing and deodorizer. It might have been possible to saute the onions in the butter, but there was no chance those two shriveled onions could fill our empty stomachs. Onions are meant to be eaten with other things. They are not the kind of food you use to satisfy an appetite.

"Would madame care for some French dressing sauteed in deodorizer?"

I expected her to ignore my attempt at humor, and she did. "Let's get in the car and look for an all-night restaurant," I said. "There must be one on the highway."

She rejected that suggestion. "We can't. You're not supposed to go out to eat after midnight." She was old-fashioned in that way.

I breathed once and said, "I guess not."

Continue reading at