Wednesday, January 16, 2008

as promised...


If it can be called that...more like a check-in...or check out. In any case I don't have much. But thanks to our friend adgy I have some links for you.

Treasure trove of YBO2 + FJ + Gil ner Mujima + Other videos. I particularly enjoyed the video of the live body for the little kid.

Our friend also provided me with this link to a couple live mp3s from Gil ner..., FJ, and YBO2.

I'm currently in correspondence with them and I will report back when I have some real substantive euh....substance to provide and share.

1 comment:

FJ said...

Hi how are you

Gil ner Mujima is sleeping now

Really, I wanna release Gil ner,,,CD.
I wait awake of Renka